Hypnobirthing With Helen

From my home to yours

Life is busy and time is short, especially if you're pregnant and working; perhaps you're also charging after a toddler. Whatever your situation, I am here for you. 

The BirthWright Method™ is a complete and in-depth antenatal and hypnobirthing programme, which has been expertly curated to help release fear and build confidence during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

I recommend you begin your practice anytime after your 20 weeks scan. The more practice you do the better. All the best birth reports say: “We practiced - a lot!” This means that by the time your labour begins, all of ‘the things’ will simply come naturally to you, as the hard work has already been done. 


"I had an unexpected homebirth, it went that well! It was quick and during the pregnancy to the birth itself I have to say it went this smooth because of how great you and your hypnobirthing teaching was. I'm so thankful and I kept saying during my pregnancy that your course was the best choice we made in my pregnancy!"

Sunglasses Couple

Mel, Jon

& Baby Bump

“Thanks so much for spending so much time and effort imparting the wisdom of hypnobirthing to me and my baby!


I think it was really invaluable to practise the relaxation techniques and have the coaching, otherwise it would just have been theoretical and hard to bring together when the time comes.


It was lovely to have you coaching me and infusing me with your calmness and cheerfulness. Exactly the tonic needed as the weeks inch towards my 'due date' and I get heavy and somewhat crankier!


I will definitely let you know when baby is born and how it went.”

Baby After Bath

Suzy, Tom

& Baby Poppy

Hey Helen, You are an inspiration, it was beautiful to know you had your birth calmly and comfortably in your home. I am loving your posts on Facebook as well which I can really relate to! I had an unexpected home birth, it went that well!


It was quick and during the pregnancy to the birth itself I have to say it went this smooth because of how great you and your hypnobirthing teaching was.


I'm so thankful and I kept saying during my pregnancy that your course was the best choice we made in my pregnancy!

Water Birth

Sara, James

& Baby Sebastian

Helen's course was just what we needed - she helped me let go of my fears and feel relaxed and empowered. 

Helen is so upbeat and inspiring, I'd challenge anyone not to feel inspired after spending time with her! 

We had a successful VBAC and I know doing this course really got me in the best mindset and taught me breathing and relaxation techniques to help me achieve that.

Would absolutely recommend!


£795 per couple

Bespoke online birth coaching tailored specifically for you, using The BirthWright Method™ ~ with ongoing support until your baby's birth-day! ​

We meet live and online via Zoom, over four 2-hour sessions on mutually convenient dates, with additional 'home' work to further guide your practice. 


It's the perfect choice for first time expectant parents, as we cover absolutely everything you need to know.

Pregnant Woman in Brown

What's Included:

* live & interactive teaching and learning

* bespoke, tailor-made sessions 

* exclusive hypnobirthing mp3s

* comprehensive e-handbook 

* 'home' work to guide your practice

* ongoing support via email

* an invitation to join my Virtual Village ~ for ongoing support and an opportunity to meet other parents.

“Hi Helen! We had the most lovely day on the course with you today, we haven't had such a calm, relaxing day like this as a couple in a long while! It was really nice to focus together on this beautiful topic and made me feel so much more positive about birth and the preparation for it. Really appreciate you sending the reminders, additional thoughts and information following up from our session, the mp3s, videos and links which is so very helpful."

what is hypnobirthing?

the power of the mind


how the uterus works

the fear & confident responses

the mind/body effect


preparing your baby and body for birth


responsibility & choices



with your care providers

important questions to ask

your birth partner's role

preparing for labour and birth

ways to prevent damage to your body

your birth preferences/birth planning

home birth

birth centre birth

hospital birth

induction & special circumstances

cesarean birth

the onset of labour & building confidence

signs of early labour

positions for labour and birth

managing discomfort

the 'up' stage of labour

the 'down' stage of labour

transition and crowning

your baby's birth

the hour after birth

What We Cover


£397 per couple 

For parents expecting their 2nd/3rd/4th+ child.

Bespoke online birth coaching tailored specifically for you, using The BirthWright Method™.

We meet live and online via Zoom, over 4 hours, on mutually convenient dates.

You'll receive a hypnobirthing mp3 and a comprehensive e-handbook, expertly curated by Helen, to support your ongoing practice at home and an invitation to join a private Facebook group for continued support from our fabulous online community.


"Thanks for bringing the course content alive. It takes a special person to do that. It takes a wonderful spirit, like you, to make a person whose gone from: "I will stop at #2..." to thinking that perhaps a #3 would be nice! It was a wonderful, healing birth after the trauma of forceps and episiotomy with my first."

Mother and Newborn

Amanda, Nikolas

& Baby Luka

Hi Helen!


I wanted to introduce you to the REAL royal baby!!! Delivered safely at the Royal London Hospital weighing a healthy 3.17 KG (7 lbs).



She was still in breech and delivered in a really positive and amazing way via c-section using all our hypnobirthing tool kit.


Mum and baby are doing really well and dad is overjoyed. We are now bonding at home getting used to very little sleep and lots of nappy changes!


We are absolutely smitten!


I can’t wait for you to meet her xxx

Sleeping Baby

Mei, William 

& Baby Lilly

Besides my initial birth plan, I came across an important choice which would have gone completely differently had I not known! I was found to have low amniotic fluid at 38 weeks during my growth scan and was being pushed to have an induction straight away, they used the scary words that you warned us about.


If I did not practice your course, if I did not have the knowledge, reference, etc I would have panicked at what they said and believed it was a high risk, but I took a moment to think and ask them the questions to make the best decision for baby and me.


Another interesting thing when William referenced the AIMS book was that induction was not advisable for low amniotic fluid! I didn't let them go ahead to induce me, a compromise was to go to the hospital everyday for a CTG and alternate days for an ultrascan (I asked the doctor for the alternatives and I'd be fine if they monitored me).


The different midwives were telling me everyday to get an induction and did not seem happy about my choice, they were not pleased with my choice. My baby was born when she was ready at four days before my due date.

Pregnant Woman

Lotte, Will

& Baby Joshua

Hi Helen!!! 


Oh my goodness I wanted to firstly say how amazing this weekend with you was! I felt the happiest and most relaxed I think I have ever felt on Sunday evening and I slept so well AND woke up thinking positive thoughts!!! It was so lovely!

Will and I have both spoken about how important this course was, especially for me, but I also think for Will as we definitely feel closer and more connected around my pregnancy and the birth of our baby!!!!


I think every woman should be given the opportunity to do hypnobirthing... it’s literally life changing!


We think you are wonderful and when talking about doulas/nannies etc. we both agreed we want someone just like you!


Thank you also for sending these emails!

Speak soon I hope!!!!​

Have a lovely week x



This is my incredibly special, VIP package, designed for parents who want to be fully supported throughout their pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond by the best in the business!


This includes:


* Private 1:1, bespoke birth coaching and ongoing support from Helen Wright, Creator of The BirthWright Method™;

* Virtual support up to the day of your baby's birth.


*Package #3 Placenta Ever After;


* Private baby wearing support, including a home visit, from the Babywearing Queen, Mel Pinet from Wrap A Hug;


* A pre, or postnatal massage/acupuncture session, from the comfort of your own home, with the magical Tara Rivero Zea;

I know, from personal experience, just how much of a winning combination this is! 

(only available in London)

Mother and Baby

“You can learn about giving birth by reading books or listening to stories from your friends and family, but most people realise that learning the art of hypnobirthing from an experienced hypnobirthing instructor will make the biggest difference. 


Hypnobirthing cannot promise you 'the perfect birth' simply because 'perfect' doesn't exist! What hypnobirthing will do, is make an enormous difference to your entire experience - wherever and however you choose to give birth to your baby. 


 It's a real privilege to do the work that I do and be invited to support you at such a special time in your life."


Helen Wright

Creator of The BirthWright Method™