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Placenta Love

Placenta Services

Placenta Encapsulation

Please choose from the following three options:

Placenta Love


Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the placenta is first steamed over organic lemon, ginger and chilli before being dehydrated, ground into fine powder and encapsulated. This method is reported to elicit a gentle, calming and grounding response, in addition to the plethora of reported benefits of placenta consumption in all forms.

These include; reduced post-birth bleeding; quick and abundant milk supply; balancing hormonal peaks and dips; improved appearance of hair, skin and nails; reduced stress levels; baby blues and PND prevention, to name but a few.


Placenta Pills


The placenta is simply dehydrated in its raw form, before being ground into powder and encapsulated. This method is reported to offer a particularly energising response, in addition to the myriad reported benefits of placenta consumption in all forms, as described in the previous section.

On a purely practical note, the simple method will generally yield a greater number of capsules than the steamed method.

The number of capsules you receive will depend on the size of your placenta. You can expect to get anywhere between 90 and 300 capsules.


Placenta Capsules


Enjoy the best of both worlds with our 50/50 Simple/Steamed option. Half of your placenta will be prepared using the Simple method and half using the Steamed so you can pick and choose your capsules to suit your mood and energy levels.

The price difference reflects the fact that these two processes are carried out completely separately, in accordance with our strict food safety management system, to prevent any possibility of contamination between the steamed and raw pieces of placenta.


Additional Placenta Remedies

*Please note: these remedies are only available in addition to Placenta Encapsulation.

Placenta Smoothie

Placenta Smoothie

Raw placenta is known for its high content of stem cells and growth factors which heal damaged tissue and organs rapidly. Consuming your placenta in its raw form is the most natural and effective way to benefit from your placenta after birth. Blended with organic berries and orange juice, this is the perfect postpartum remedy. There are several ways we can offer the smoothie option to you. Please ask for further details. *Only available for home births.


Placenta Essence

Placenta Essence

A Placenta Essence works on an energetic level, much like homeopathy. ​It is primarily used to support the emotional, mental, and spiritual body​, embodying the concept of self-care. It can be beneficial during times of transition, illness, stress, emotional upheaval or hormonal imbalance. Consider it your very own rescue remedy! ​It can also be used in place of steamed placenta capsules during periods of illness, which is why placenta essence is often ordered alongside steamed capsules.


​Drops of essence can be added to a glass of water or tea and sipped; or applied topically to pulse points.


Placenta Tincture

Placenta Tincture

This strong, powerful and long lasting remedy is made by steeping a piece of raw placenta in 40% proof alcohol and gently vacillating daily, for a period of 6 weeks, before being filtered and bottled. Placenta Tincture is used for emotional, mental and psychological instability and has been reported to relieve premenstrual and menopausal symptoms. A tincture can also be made from your capsules. Please ask for details. 

Similarly to the essence, drops of tincture can be added to water or tea and sipped. 




*Please note: these remedies are only available in addition to Placenta Encapsulation.

Mother & Baby Balm

Body Balm

My go-to-for-everything wonder balm. A dream product designed as the perfect natural remedy to calm, soothe and heal all manner of skin conditions, including; stretch marks, scar tissue, sore bums, eczema, 

psoriasis, inflamed nipples, chapped lips - you name it, it will fix it! 

Made fresh to order, using 100% natural and organic ingredients

apricot kernel oil, shea butter, 

beeswax and calendula oil and accompanied by a bottle of your own unique, skin healing, hormone-rich placenta-infused oil.


Mother's Treat Facial Oil

Facial Oil

Massage this luxurious facial oil into your face and neck morning and night to leave your skin looking and feeling fresh and smooth. It can also be used as a cleanser and to remove makeup.


Made fresh to order, using 100% natural and organic ingredients: safflower oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil
and vitamin E oil. Each bottle of Facial Oil is a
ccompanied by a bottle of your own unique, hormone-rich placenta-infused oil to help both build collagen and inhibit its breakdown in the skin, which 

normally leads to wrinkles as we age. 

Now with added Frankincense Pure Essential Oil for added luxury.

Did you know that proteins from the placentas of cows and sheep are frequently used in commercially available anti-aging products?


Whipped Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter

Indulge yourself in this ​glorious, rich, whipped body butter, to deeply moisturise, calm, soothe and pamper your skin.

Made fresh to order, using 100% natural and organic ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, calendula oil, apricot kernel oil and coconut oil and

accompanied by a bottle of your own unique, skin healing, hormone-rich placenta-infused oil.





Additional Placenta Magic

*Please note: these remedies are only available in addition to Placenta Encapsulation.

Homeopathic Placenta Remedies

Homeopathic Placenta Remedies

Homeopathics, like essences, are remedies which heal on a vibrational, energetic level. Reported to improve symptoms of emotional distress, depression, anxiety and sorrow; improve symptoms of hormonal imbalance and help to calm and soothe through periods such as teething, unexplained crying and separation anxiety.


This will be your child's constitutional remedy for life, since it was their life-giving source for their time in-utero. It contains the blueprint of their energetic make-up, hence its amazing ability to bring balance and elicit healing from within, when illness, disease, emotional challenges or difficult like transitions arise.


You will receive two potencies: one for baby and one for you; each comes in tiny tablet form.


Placenta Capsules

Umbilical Cord Keepsake

The umbilical cord: your connection to your baby during pregnancy and your baby's lifeline. The umbilical cord is made up of 1 vein which carries blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients, from you to your baby and 2 arteries which return deoxygenated blood and waste products, such as carbon dioxide, from your baby back to the placenta. Your body is amazing! 


To honour and treasure this incredible feat of nature, your umbilical cord can be shaped and dehydrated to create a truly unique keepsake: an everlasting symbol of the physical connection with your baby. Depending on the length of your cord - the average cord is around 50cm - it may be shaped in a heart, or into a word, such as LOVE. 

You will receive a complimentary cord keepsake with your placenta capsules, presented in a pretty organza bag. However, if you prefer, your keepsake can be mounted and framed inside a beautiful box-frame, making the perfect gift.



Placenta Print

Placenta Printing is a unique way to capture the exact size and shape of your magical placenta. 

We use high quality watercolour paper and the rich colour of your own, fresh, placental blood to create a truly one-of-a kind work of art, for you to treasure forever.

Parents are often surprised to discover the size of their placenta and to witness the tree-like structure created by the veins, hence the nickname: 'Tree of Life.' What a fascinating organ!

You also have the option to upgrade your print to include a Colour, Fine Line or Gold Leaf Finish.


Placenta Packages

A selection of my most poplar products which offer a little saving.


Baby & Me

Placenta Capsules: Simple or Steamed

(for 50/50, add £50)

Body Balm

Placenta Essence

Cord Keepsake (unframed)

Placenta Print (unframed)


Henna Bump.JPG

Time for Me

Placenta Capsules: Simple or Steamed

(for 50/50, add £50)

Placenta Tincture


Facial Oil

Whipped Body Butter

Cord Keepsake (unframed)


Placenta Love

Placenta Ever After

50/50 Simple & Steamed Capsules

Placenta Essence

Placenta Tincture

Homeopathic Placenta Remedies

Body Balm

Facial Oil

Whipped Body Butter

Framed Cord Keepsake

Placenta Print with Gold Leaf Finish


The Process

Step 1

Once your booking is confirmed, you'll receive comprehensive instructions to ensure that your placenta is handled and stored correctly and safely after birth.

A premium placenta collection kit will be shipped to you - a complimentary service designed to make the process as easy for you as possible.


BirthWright is then on call for you until your baby and placenta arrive.

Step 2

Once your baby and placenta have been born, I ask that your birth partner contacts me at their earliest convenience.


Your placenta will be collected, in person, from your baby's place of birth your home address, as agreed, as soon as possible after their arrival.

BirthWright will liaise with your birth partner on the day, so you need not worry about a thing.

We'll take care of the rest.

Step 3

Your placenta remedies will be safely and lovingly prepared for you by one of London's leading Placenta Remedies Specialists; an expert in her field who has supported hundreds of women.

To see our work in action, check out our grid and stories over on Instagram.

If you'd like me to take a photo of your placenta to share with you, just let me know. There is no charge for this.

Step 4

Once your remedies/ keepsakes/ cosmetics are ready, they will usually be delivered to you via Royal Mail's Next Day Delivery service, within 3 days of collection - sooner if possible - so that you can start benefiting from your amazing placenta straight away.

If you are local to me and if time allows, occasionally, I am able to deliver your remedies to you in person.

More Testimonials

"Helen is wonderful! I used her placenta encapsulation services and found her to be excellent in every way.


Great communication, affordable prices and very flexible in regards to birth plans. Things didn’t go as I’d hoped and she came to the hospital to collect my placenta. And when I couldn’t have the treatments I’d hoped for (due to some issues with my placenta) she made alternatives which were beautifully presented and exactly what I needed.


From the first email to the delivery of my placenta products, Helen was incredible and I highly recommend her services."

"I am forever grateful for my Placenta Lady, for not only making this incredible placenta package but also being super supportive through other parts of my pregnancy and birth experience ~ you're the best!"

Hello Helen!


I just wanted to send a message to say a huge thank you for my pills, for your incredible service and for the really thoughtful extras which we will cherish and are so thankful for.


Our little boy is doing really well. He is feeding every 90 mins and was a big boy at 9lb 4 so knowing I am getting all the goodness I can is giving real peace of mind. 


Thank you so much from all of us especially for coming out so early on Easter Monday.


I’ll definitively let all my friends know about your wonderful service if encapsulation is something they are considering.


Thank you again and hope you had a lovely Easter.

"Helen was so friendly and helpful. She arrived at the hospital soon after I'd had my daughter and was such a positive lady. My package was delivered within two days after I'd given birth and the capsules and balm were amazing I didn't do encapsulation with my firstborn and I so wish I had as it made such a world of difference to my energy levels, my healing and just my general mood and recovery. I would recommend Helen to anybody. Thank you!"

Dear Helen,


I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing service you offered in creating my placenta pills!


We really appreciated all the information you sent and felt completely clear and confident about the process throughout.


You made it all feel very easy! And thank you for coming so early to the hospital.

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