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Hello! I'm Helen Wright

I offer wrap-around-care to expectant and new families, by helping to release fear and anxiety around pregnancy, labour, birth and parenthood.


I do this through my work as a coach, hypnotherapist, antenatal educator, placenta remedies specialist and family meet up host.

Whatever challenge you are facing, whatever fear or worry you are feeling, may you know that you are not alone.

I am here for you.

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Nicola, Victor

& Baby Phoebe

Hello Helen!


She’s here! Labour very smooth despite all the COVID restrictions, not in the least thanks to your support!

I hope you continue to do the video sessions so that more people have the pleasure of working with you.


Thanks again for everything!



Hanna, Joe

& Baby Sophia

Thank you! It was an amazing birth. Intense but amazing. I am so glad I went for the hypnobirthing course. It carried me through the first stage of labour very well and kept me so calm the midwife held off examining me as she said I looked a little too relaxed to be in established labour! The second stage happened so quickly and was so intense I just went into a zone and before I knew it baby arrived! Thank you for the lovely teaching, mentoring and making all the difference in telling me I could do it!

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Lara, Sam

& Baby Nathan

I had an unexpected home birth it went that well! It was quick and during the pregnancy to the birth itself, I have to say it went this smooth because of how great you and your hypnobirthing teaching was. I'm so thankful and I kept saying during my pregnancy that your course was the best decision we made in my pregnancy!

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