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Group Antenatal & Hypnobirthing 

The BirthWright Method™ is a complete and in-depth antenatal and hypnobirthing programme, which has been carefully developed to help release fear and build confidence during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.


Taught live & online in small groups, from the comfort of your sofa - or your bed!

The Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting

Virtual Village

"It takes a Village to raise a child..." and we are that Village. We're not meant to do this on our own. Community is at the heart of everything we do.


This free Facebook group is run by Helen and supported by hand-picked, trusted specialists in the field of bumps, births, babies and beyond. We are here for you.


We will share evidence-based information as well as tried and tested tips and tricks to educate, inspire and support you.


Private 1:1 Birth Coaching

Bespoke online birth coaching tailored specifically for you, using The BirthWright Method™


This option includes ongoing support until your baby's birth-day.

Taught live & online from the comfort of your sofa - or your bed!

Five Minutes' Peace 

Membership Group

A mindful sanctuary for phenomenal women - just like you - to connect to your divine feminine energy and awaken your inner goddess. 

As your teacher, guide and mentor, I am here to inspire you into action, to motivate you, to enable you to really hear your inner voice and recognise your super powers as you begin to live the abundant life you've always dreamed off.


Placenta Remedies

Choose from a menu of healing postnatal remedies which can all be made especially for you using your amazing placenta.

Including: placenta encapsulation, smoothies, homeopathy, tinctures, essence, placenta infused oil, cosmetics, prints and keepsakes.

A range of package options are available. 

The BirthWright

Gift Shop

Beautiful gifts for mums & babies, including; affirmation cards for a positive birth

& luxury skincare products - loving made to order, with free UK shipping.


More products coming soon...


hand poured soy wax candles blended with pure essentials oils,

pregnancy relaxation mp3s

& gift vouchers.

Hello Helen!


She’s here! Labour very smooth despite all the COVID restrictions, not in the least thanks to your support!

I hope you continue to do the video sessions so that more people have the pleasure of working with you.


Thanks again for everything!




Thank you! It was an amazing birth. Intense but amazing. I am so glad I went for the hypnobirthing course. It carried me through the first stage of labour very well and kept me so calm the midwife held off examining me as she said I looked a little too relaxed to be in established labour! The second stage happened so quickly and was so intense I just went into a zone and before I knew it baby arrived! Thank you for the lovely teaching, mentoring and making all the difference in telling me I could do it!

Hi Helen!!!


Oh my goodness I wanted to firstly say how amazing this weekend with you was!


I felt the happiest and most relaxed I think I have ever felt on Sunday evening and I slept so well AND woke up thinking positive thoughts!!! It was so lovely!


***** and I have both spoken about how important this course was, especially for me, but I also think for ***** as we definitely feel closer and more connected around my pregnancy and the birth of our baby!!!!


I think every woman should be given the opportunity to do hypno birthing... it’s literally life changing!


We think you are wonderful and when talking about doulas/nannies etc. we both agreed we want someone just like you!


Thank you also for sending these emails!

Speak soon I hope!!!!​

Have a lovely week x

“Thanks so much for spending so much time and effort imparting the wisdom of hypnobirthing to me and my baby! I think it was really invaluable to practise the relaxation techniques and have the coaching, otherwise it would just have been theoretical and hard to bring together when the time comes. It was lovely to have you coaching me and infusing me with your calmness and cheerfulness. Exactly the tonic needed as the weeks inch towards my 'due date' and I get heavy and somewhat crankier! I will definitely let you know when baby is born and how it went.”

"I had an unexpected home birth it went that well! It was quick and during the pregnancy to the birth itself, I have to say it went this smooth because of how great you and your hypnobirthing teaching was. I'm so thankful and I kept saying during my pregnancy that your course was the best decision we made in my pregnancy!"

"Helen is wonderful! I used her placenta encapsulation services and found her to be excellent in every way.


Great communication, affordable prices and very flexible in regards to birth plans. Things didn’t go as I’d hoped and she came to the hospital to collect my placenta. And when I couldn’t have the treatments I’d hoped for (due to some issues with my placenta) she made alternatives which were beautifully presented and exactly what I needed.


From the first email to the delivery of my placenta products, Helen was incredible and I highly recommend her services."

"I am forever grateful for my Placenta Lady, for not only making this incredible placenta package but also being super supportive through other parts of my pregnancy and birth experience ~ you're the best!"

Hello Helen!


I just wanted to send a message to say a huge thank you for my pills, for your incredible service and for the really thoughtful extras which we will cherish and are so thankful for.


Our little boy is doing really well. He is feeding every 90 mins and was a big boy at 9lb 4 so knowing I am getting all the goodness I can is giving real peace of mind. 


Thank you so much from all of us especially for coming out so early on Easter Monday.


I’ll definitively let all my friends know about your wonderful service if encapsulation is something they are considering.


Thank you again and hope you had a lovely Easter.

"Helen was so friendly and helpful. She arrived at the hospital soon after I'd had my daughter and was such a positive lady. My package was delivered within two days after I'd given birth and the capsules and balm weree amazing I didn't do encapsulation with my firstborn and I so wish I had as it made such a world of difference to my energy levels, my healing and just my general mood and recovery. I would recommend Helen to anybody. Thank you!"

Dear Helen,


I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing service you offered in creating my placenta pills!


We really appreciated all the information you sent and felt completely clear and confident about the process throughout.


You made it all feel very easy! And thank you for coming so early to the hospital.

Why choose BirthWright?

A message from our Founder, Helen Wright.

Helen is a dedicated teacher, antenatal & hypnobirthing instructor, placenta specialist and life coach who supports women to:

  • master their fears;

  • manage stress & anxiety;

  • feel calm & confident;

  • take control of what they can & let go of what they can't;

  • find clarity to take their next best step; 

  • heal & grow strong.


Helen uses a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT in her work. These techniques help to reprogram negative or fear-based thinking and beliefs, replacing them with more helpful, positive outlooks and behaviours.


"After working with Helen, you can expect to experience a radical shift in the way you think and feel!"

Helen teaches private antenatal & hypnobirthing classes to help women prepare for a positive birth and postnatal experience using her transformational BirthWright Method.


She offers bespoke postnatal support as a leading Placenta Specialist serving the whole of London, parts of Kent and Essex and she is the London-based Training Instructor for IPEN (the International Placenta Encapsulation Network). In this role, Helen teaches and mentors fellow birth workers, as they master the art of creating placenta remedies to further support their clients.


Helen draws on over 20 years' experience as a primary school teacher and senior leader, with a specialism in the early years, teacher training and mentorship.

For ongoing - and very affordable - life coaching and wellbeing support, you can join Helen's nourishing online membership sanctuary: Five Minutes’ Peace, for just £12 a month!

​Helen is also mum to two of her very own BirthWright babies: Johan and Maja ~ her reason for doing all that she does now. 

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