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Affirmations are uplifting statements which have been carefully designed to flood the subconscious mind with positive and empowering messages, to help foster a 'can do' mindset and boost confidence.


The power of positive thinking is well known in the sporting world. Most athletes and sports people use affirmations, along with visualisations, as part of their regular training routine.


Likewise, when preparing for a positive birth, affirmations are a really powerful training tool. 


At first glance, these statements may seem simple, but they are incredibly effective. 


The cards can be used in all manner of ways. For example; they can be displayed along a length of string using little wooden pegs - in a place they will be noticed often. Many mums choose to display the cards this way in their birthing room; a card can be chosen at random each day and written in a diary or journal; they can be read outloud by a birth partner as mum is relaxing or drifting off to sleep or pinned to a vision board alongside inspiring photos or images.


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Affirmation Cards ~ for a Positive Birth

  • Each set of cards is made up of 25 carefully selected positive statements, or affirmations, lovingly designed and created by Helen Wright, here in the UK.

    Each card is printed on 350gsm, high quality paper, business card sized, in a beautiful matte laminate finish. Each set is presented in an elegant, slim black box, made from 100% recycled card; the paper covering is made partly from recycled material and the remainder being from sustainable forests. The lid is embossed with metallic silver BirthWright lettering.

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