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A letter to You from Your Future Self...

Hey Mama,

I see you…. I hear you…. I feel you…. because, well ~ I am You…

It might not feel like it but may you know this: you are doing such a brilliant job.

Being a mum isn’t easy: there’s always so much to do! The laundry mountains are endless - clean and dirty; the pots - where do they all come from? The toys - everywhere! The bathroom with the toothpaste splattered on the mirror… The crumbs in the kitchen… on the floor… on the sofa?! The beds you so carefully made this morning… and now look at them!

You love being a mum. It truly is an amazing experience but my god, it’s a constant juggle!

The mum guilt is intense: how can you be all the things to everyone without letting someone down?

The floor needs to be hoovered, but they want to play; for you to read them another story; paint; bake; go and feed the ducks…. And you haven’t had a shower… for the second day running. Can I really get away with using dry shampoo - again?! You feel like such a hot mess.

You look beautiful, by the way. Being a mum really suits you.

How do you prioritise when it all seems so important?

You feel overwhelmed so you don’t - do - anything…. and it just keeps piling up… You’re exhausted. Frazzled. Totally burnt out.

When did you last take a sip of water?

What have you eaten today? I mean ‘real food’ not just another biscuit…

"What’s for tea?" someone calls. What’s for tea?! You have no idea! You meant to do a shop, but you forgot… Erm, fish fingers? Again. #mumguilt

Your eyes look tired. You must go to bed earlier. Learn to switch off.

Treat yourself to five minutes’ peace…. I give you permission to stop for a moment.

When did you last read a book? Not just a book about parenting or one for work… but a book you can get lost in?

Even if you just read for five minutes… go on, give it a go!

When was the last time you just sat or laid in peace, completely still? Perhaps in bed, or in your favourite chair; by the window, in your garden, on your balcony or in the park? Listening to the birds, watching the clouds… smelling freshly cut grass…

You could try this with the children…. share with them the art of relaxing; of being still; of slowing down.

Have you got your journal handy? Write down all those ideas. You have so many good ones. Write them down so you don’t forget. Clear your mind.

Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath in… and out… relax your shoulders… Repeat.

Just for five minutes…..

I am Your Future Self and I thank you.

You are Me, I am You, We are One. All is well.

Will you join me?

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