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Phenomenal woman,

I invite you to take a deep breath in as you prepare to....

Connect & Awaken


When you connect to your divine feminine energy, you awaken your inner goddess. 


Go Within


Learn how to tune in to your intuition, to love yourself more deeply, to live compassionately and allow yourself to be present. This is a journey and it starts within you: as within, so without. Your divine feminine energy reminds you that you are whole; that everything you desire is within you and that you are worthy of love from yourself and from others. 


Feel Inspired and Guided 


Learn how to be still and hear guidance from within. Discover how to recognise and interpret signs and synchronicity when they appear in your life.


Fear Less, Trust More


When you’re able to access the energy of abundance and have faith that the Universe has your back, you’ll begin to lean into your deepest desires and manifest your wildest dreams.




As you learn to let go of outcomes, to release resistance and the need to control - which prevents you from achieving your dreams - you’ll gain confidence to truly trust your intuition.


Live Life With Effortless Ease


When you master how to take daily aligned and inspired action, you’ll begin to naturally attract good things into your life with effortless ease.



Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath in… and out… relax your shoulders… and smile.

Welcome to Five Minutes' Peace !


Five Minutes' Peace is a private membership community and mindful sanctuary for phenomenal women, just like you, to connect to your divine feminine energy and awaken your inner goddess. 


As you learn to let go of your fears, to surrender, trust and take daily aligned and inspired action, you'll learn to live in flow and naturally begin to attract good things into your life with effortless ease. 

If we've not already met...

Hi, I am Helen Wright ~ your teacher, guide and mentor on this journey to inner peace and fulfilment.


It's my spiritual mission to support phenomenal women, just like you, to lead an abundant and satisfying life.

I'm here to inspire you into action, to motivate you, to enable you to really hear your inner voice and recognise your super powers. 

I see you, I hear you and I walk with you.


You are Me.

I am You.

We are One.

All is Well.


Tel: 07801543637

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