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Welcome to Five Minutes' Peace

A supportive online sanctuary which encourages you to take regular mindful breaks

to catch your breath and reconnect to you. 

Daily Support & Motivation

Find the clarity and focus to take your next best step.


Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal rituals and practices to help you reflect and re-set as you flow through life with ease, peace and joy.



Practices which support you to:

*feel present and connected to yourself and your loved ones;

*identify your priorities;

*set specific intentions and action steps to keep you focused, motivated and making progress on your goals and dreams;

*free up time and space to rest, relax and have fun in the process!



Your goals, intentions, wins and challenges in a positive, respectful space and begin to magnetise abundance in all areas of your life.

What's Included: 

*instant access to a supportive private Facebook group for ongoing community support;


*a monthly members e-Mag;

*ongoing life coaching, teaching and mentorship;

*productivity planners, tools and workbooks - exclusive to Five Minutes’ Peace members;

*seasonal meditation audios plus guidance to support rituals and practices for finding calm in the natural world;

*online workshops - recorded so you can watch the replays at anytime;

*optional challenges designed to inspire and motivate;

*a virtual bookclub.

Look Out For The Following:

Weekly posts:

*Sunday: Reflect & Reset

*Monday: Motivation

*Tuesday: Check-in

*Wednesday: Wisdom

*Thursday: Thoughts

*Friday: Fun

Monthly calendars will highlight dates of the New and Full Moon, as well as any seasonal celebrations and significant events to add to your diary.

Each month you'll be invited to audit your Balance Wheel. A reminder and guidance will be shared in the group to support you with this. It works like magic.

A monthly e-Mag will be shared in the group and also via email. This will include highlights from the month just gone for easy reference and ongoing support.

If you have any questions, please email and I'll be happy to help.

Follow my adventures here!


Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath in… and out…

relax your shoulders… and smile.

Welcome to Five Minutes' Peace 

Join Five Minutes' Peace

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    • Instant access to a supportive private Facebook Community
    • A monthly members e-Mag
    • Ongoing life coaching, teaching and mentorship
    • Productivity planners, tools and workbooks
    • Meditation audios
    • Seasonal ritual and practice guidance
    • Support to find calm in the natural world
    • Optional challenges to inspire & motivate
    • Virtual book club
    • Exclusive members only discounts off products & services

If we've not already met...

Hi, I am Helen Wright ~ your teacher, guide and mentor.


I'm a Virgo (as you may have already guessed!) and a born teacher - on a mission to share my passion and insights, and support others to lead an abundant and satisfying life.

I'm here to inspire you into action and motivate you; to enable you to really hear your inner voice and recognise your unique super powers. 

I see you, I hear you and I walk with you.


You are Me.

I am You.

We are One.

All is Well.

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