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Welcome to Five Minutes' Peace: a Membership Community, designed for open-hearted, busy mums to enjoy (at least!) Five Minutes' Peace, every day - just for them!


This is a safe, soothing space to catch your breath and nourish your mind, body and soul. 


Simple, yet effective, 5 minute practises will be shared regularly in the group, to support, motivate and guide you as we journey together on this wild ride of motherhood.


We'll gather together for each New and Full Moon, to set our intentions and to reflect, release, celebrate and give thanks. 


Throughout the year, you'll gain exclusive access to masterclasses including; meditation, nutrition, crystal healing, mindfulness, breathing, personal development, relationships, yoga, motherhood, reiki, crafting, self care, mental wellness, joy and working with our cycles ~ to name just a few...


You'll also receive a monthly members' newsletter, an invitation to join our bookclub and regular playlists to download and enjoy. When time allows, we very much look forward to hosting occasional in-person gatherings too.


Thank you for being here; this is your space, take a breath, make yourself at home and enjoy five minutes' peace. 


Tel: 07801543637

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