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Hello Helen!


She’s here! Labour very smooth despite all the COVID restrictions, not in the least thanks to your support!

I hope you continue to do the video sessions so that more people have the pleasure of working with you.


Thanks again for everything!




Thank you! It was an amazing birth. Intense but amazing. I am so glad I went for the hypnobirthing course. It carried me through the first stage of labour very well and kept me so calm the midwife held off examining me as she said I looked a little too relaxed to be in established labour! The second stage happened so quickly and was so intense I just went into a zone and before I knew it baby arrived! Thank you for the lovely teaching, mentoring and making all the difference in telling me I could do it!

Hi Helen!!!


Oh my goodness I wanted to firstly say how amazing this weekend with you was!


I felt the happiest and most relaxed I think I have ever felt on Sunday evening and I slept so well AND woke up thinking positive thoughts!!! It was so lovely!


***** and I have both spoken about how important this course was, especially for me, but I also think for ***** as we definitely feel closer and more connected around my pregnancy and the birth of our baby!!!!


I think every woman should be given the opportunity to do hypno birthing... it’s literally life changing!


We think you are wonderful and when talking about doulas/nannies etc. we both agreed we want someone just like you!


Thank you also for sending these emails!

Speak soon I hope!!!!​

Have a lovely week x

“Thanks so much for spending so much time and effort imparting the wisdom of hypnobirthing to me and my baby! I think it was really invaluable to practise the relaxation techniques and have the coaching, otherwise it would just have been theoretical and hard to bring together when the time comes. It was lovely to have you coaching me and infusing me with your calmness and cheerfulness. Exactly the tonic needed as the weeks inch towards my 'due date' and I get heavy and somewhat crankier! I will definitely let you know when baby is born and how it went.”

"I had an unexpected home birth it went that well! It was quick and during the pregnancy to the birth itself, I have to say it went this smooth because of how great you and your hypnobirthing teaching was. I'm so thankful and I kept saying during my pregnancy that your course was the best decision we made in my pregnancy!"


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