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How does the process work?

Once you've made your booking, I will send you through all the information you need to ensure that your placenta is cared for appropriately, in order for it to be fit for consumption and be ready for me to collect and set to work. I ask that your birth partner or midwife place your placenta inside a zip lock bag, then inside a sealed container and then straight into a the fridge or inside a cool bag with ice blocks, to ensure it is kept as cold as possible. I can provide you with a collection kit to make this process as easy and as safe for you as possible.

I ask that your birth partner gives me a quick 'heads up' call or text once you are in labour and then again as soon as possible after your baby and placenta have arrived, so that we can make arrangements for me to come and collect your placenta from you as soon as possible. I will then bring it safely back to my placenta kitchen and set to work. I aim to return your remedies to you as soon as I possibly can, so that you can start benefiting from them straight away. 

What types of Placenta Remedies are available?


*There are many types of Placenta Remedies which can be made from your placenta. These include: Simple (raw), or Steamed (TCM) Placenta CapsulesPlacenta Smoothies; Placenta Essence - for mums and babies; Placenta Tincture - for mums; Homeopathic Placenta Remedies - for mums and babies; Placenta Balms, Creams and Face Oils. I also make Placenta Cord Keepsakes and Placenta Prints

What's so special about my placenta?

*The placenta has long been thought of as a magical part of the creation of a baby. This incredible organ is uniquely designed for your baby and is an integral part of any pregnancy and birth. The placenta physically connects you to your unborn baby, providing essential oxygen, nutrients and vitamins.


*During and after birth women lose 1/8 to 1/10 of their blood supply from the bleeding wound left inside the uterus, where the placenta was attached during the pregnancy. Following careful, in-depth scientific study and research around the subject, it is believed that the mammalian placenta was made to be consumed to make up for this loss, by giving the new mother essential fats, proteins, vast amounts of iron and essential hormones to heal wounds and aid the body in self recovery after birth.

Where's the evidence?

*Dried placenta powder was recognised as a potent medicine in Europe for centuries and used to treat and cure many ailments, mostly those surrounding birth. However since the late 19th century, most natural birthing methods have been replaced by modern birthing techniques, losing along the way many valuable traditions practiced for centuries. The benefits of consuming the placenta are, thankfully, being rediscovered and scientists are beginning to study placentophagy. 

*Today there is profound anecdotal evidence and scientific studies which suggest consuming the placenta can be just as beneficial for humans as it is for other mammals. Testimonials from clients reveal that consuming the placenta after birth may improve energy levels, increase milk production and slow or stop postpartum hemorrhaging, thus creating an overall healthier post-birth recovery. You will find links to the Research Library over on the Placenta Remedies Network (PRN) website.

In terms of postnatal recovery, will consuming my placenta help to ease the 'baby blues'...?


*The ‘baby blues’ are a known symptom of birth and mothers are told to expect to feel sad, anxious and very emotional around the third day after the birth, usually when the milk engorges the breasts. These symptoms can sometimes develop into post-natal depression.


*Studies have proven that the symptoms of post-natal depression are linked with the severe lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin B6 and hormone CRH (our stress reducer hormone), both of which are in high supply in the placenta. Consuming the placenta in raw smoothies or in capsules is thought to nourish the mother, replacing lost essential nutrients and hormones following birth and may entirely prevent the ‘baby blues’ and post-natal depression.

What other benefits have been reported by mums who have consumed their placenta?

*Placenta remedies have been reported by mums to: 


  • reduce post-birth bleeding

  • encourage a quick and healthy milk supply

  • balance hormones (peaks and drops)

  • improve the appearance of the skin/hair/nails

  • reduce stress levels

  • prevent the baby blues and post-partum depression

  • provide energy to cope with a busy day after little sleep

Is it important that I try to deliver my placenta naturally?


*Many hospitals/midwives offer an artificial hormone based injection called syntometrine to speed up the third stage of labour and the delivery of your placenta. This is done routinely when giving birth by caesarean section. If possible, delivering the placenta naturally is best for placenta encapsulation to prevent artificial hormones presenting in the blood and placental tissues. However, the syntometrine injection does not prevent you from benefiting from placenta encapsulation and nor do caesarean section births.

Can I deliver my placenta in water?

In order to be fit for consumption, we advise mums to birth their placentas onto a clean, dry surface, to prevent any possible contamination from the water. If you give birth to your baby in a birth pool, you will need to 'hop out' and give birth to your placenta on dry land. You could always 'hop' back in afterwards. 

If you have any other questions, leave me a message and I'll get back to you straight away.

*Information provided by IPEN Placenta Network, Professional Training in Placenta Services, in partnership with Placenta Remedies Network.


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