A message from our founder, Helen Wright

Helen is a dedicated teacher, therapeutic life coach and placenta remedies specialist. Her work focuses largely in the field of wxmen's emotional health. Helen uses a range of therapeutic modalities including; NLP, Hypnotherapy, CBT and mindfulness, to effectively reprogram negative or fear-based thinking and beliefs, replacing them with more helpful, positive outlooks and behaviours.



"After working with Helen, you can expect to experience a radical shift in the way you think and feel!"

Helen teaches private antenatal & hypnobirthing classes to help women prepare for a positive birth and postnatal experience using her transformational BirthWright Method.


She offers bespoke postnatal support as a leading Placenta Specialist serving the whole of London, parts of Kent and Essex and she is the London-based Training Instructor for IPEN (the International Placenta Encapsulation Network). In this role, Helen teaches and mentors fellow birth workers, as they master the art of creating placenta remedies to further support their clients.


Helen draws on over 20 years' experience as a primary school teacher and senior leader, with a specialism in the early years, teacher training and mentorship.

For ongoing - and very affordable - life coaching and wellbeing support, you can join Helen's nourishing online membership sanctuary: Five Minutes’ Peace, for just £12 a month!

​Helen is also mum to two of her very own BirthWright babies: Johan and Maja ~ her reason for doing all that she does now. 


Tel: 07801543637

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