June 3, 2019

Dear friends, I will never stop saying this: birth doesn't have to be like all the horror stories!  It's throw-away comments like these which haunt women and fill them with fear. They are so damaging. A woman's body is designed to give birth. Women have been giving birth for millennia. There is a perfect system in place - but here's the thing: this system will not work if it is halted in its tracks by FEAR. There is so much to learn and indeed un-learn about birth.

May 28, 2019

Hypnobirthing can and will work for everyone, no matter where or how you choose to give birth to your baby. The full hypnobirthing course I teach is a complete antenatal training programme, designed to give couples the knowledge, skills and tools to be fully prepared to have the best possible birth experience for them and their babies.

October 25, 2018

...stats for 2017/18 reveal that only around 4 in 10 new mums are actually breastfeeding their babies when they are six weeks old...

October 24, 2018

Well, let me offer you a bit of help... I'll be straight with you, Hypnobirthing: The BirthWright Way is not for everyone and here are 5 reasons why...

October 18, 2018

It breaks my heart to see so many expectant parents focusing on all of this material shit and neglecting the *stuff* that truly matters - like err… you and your baby: your pregnancy, labour, birth and actually *being* parents.

May 11, 2018

It breaks my heart to think of all the precious babies and their families who are struggling with their health. I feel this pain even more deeply now that I am a mum myself. It takes incredible strength and courage and these people need all the support they can get. I have been contacted by a brave local mum, who is fundraising to help pay for life-saving treatment for her two year old niece, Josephine. She has asked if I will share Josephine's story and a link to her Go Fund Me page. Any contribution, however big or small, will help to make Josephine's future the brightest it can be. Here is Josephine's story, written by her mother, Penny Watts.

May 8, 2018

Shouted about from the roof tops by celebs, including Coleen Rooney and Kim Kardashian to name just two, the reported benefits of having your placenta encapsulated following the birth of your baby are difficult to ignore. But are these supposedly ‘magic pills’ simply a fad or are they indeed as fabulous as we are led to believe?

April 5, 2018

It never ceases to amaze me when I am contacted by a potential hypnobirthing client to ask if her partner 'has to come along too'. I mean, no-one's going to force them.... but seriously....

November 27, 2017

I feel like a time bomb waiting to blow, when will this baby come? How the fuck do I know? I’m not made of clockwork! I’m not a machine! I’m a human, who’s pregnant - I'm elephantine....

November 22, 2017

You might be wondering: what the hell are 'affirmations' and how on earth will they help me give birth to my baby?! ​ Allow me to enlighten you....

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